MCC68 Black Cotton “Anti-Muffin” Underbust Corset

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The MCC68 is designed for multiple silhouettes. It includes 6 flat, and 20 spiral steel bones for higher reduction and support. This corset is designed with both tightlacing, and waist training needs in mind, suitable for everyday wear. The front measures 12.5” long, to provide coverage and tummy control. The back is 15” long to create a smooth line, and prevent muffin. The side however measures 10.5” long allowing a more comfortable and flexible fit for multiple torso lengths. The MCC68 can accommodate a large reduction, features a cupped rib, a rib spring of 8”, upper hip spring of 12”, and a lower hip spring of 14”! All corsets include a floating modesty panel, storage bag, and choice of ribbon or cord laces.We are proud to tell our customers we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.(please review our policies for more information).

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MCC68 (anti muffin- no hip ties)


  • Cotton


  • Front: 12.5″
  • Side: 10.5-14″
  • Back: 15″

Steel Bones

  • # of Bones: 26
  • # of Flat: (12mm) 6
  • # of Spiral: (6mm) 20


  • Rib spring: 8″
  • Upper Hip Spring: 12″
  • Lower Hip Spring: 14″

Additional Features

  • This design also features hip ties to allow up to 4″ more room in the hips
  • Includes boned Floating Modesty Panel: 6″ wide
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (review policies for terms and conditions)
Please Review Size chart and instructions withing the “size guide” button located below the product summary above.

Additional information


16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38"

1 review for MCC68 Black Cotton “Anti-Muffin” Underbust Corset

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lydia King (verified owner)

    Underbust: 27
    Natural Waist: 22.5
    High Hip: 32
    Low Hip: 34-35 (fluctuates)
    Corset Size: 20

    The quality of this corset is very high given what it costs. I would easily pay $30-50 more for this corset and still be satisfied with it. The seams are all very neat, and strong. I haven’t noticed any stitches coming out, or popping. It feels like a strong and sturdy corset that I don’t have to baby too much, or move too delicately in.

    I was especially impressed with the bones in the back. As I am lacing myself in to this corset it’s difficult to keep the bones parallel through the entire process, and I am pleased to see this has not caused any warping in the bones, and they are still happy to meet back together when I pull the laces tight.

    The shape is really great for my body type as it allows for my hips, and my ribs without too much room. The rib spring was a little bit big for me, but I was prepared for that from viewing the corset’s dimensions before ordering it. For those wtih 29-30 inch underbust measurements I would imagine it would do very nicely for you.

    My only complaints about this corset would be how easily the fabric gets dirty, because everything shows on that matte black cotton, but that is no fault of the corset maker, it’s just the way that fabric is. I also made a mistake in how I was measuring my waist before I ordered this, and by mistaking where my natural waist was I thought I was a 24, instead of a 22.5. I plan on purchasing the MCC68 w/ Hipties after this one in an 18 inch so that I can reduce more though.

    If you’re hemming and hawing over getting this corset, and it fits your measurements well, I would recommend getting it. I think it’s a really great first corset for those of us with more hips than ribs.

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MCC68 Size Chart

Vertical Measurements

Each corset design we carry, has different vertical measurements. Everyones body is unique, and to find the best overall fit it we offer corsets in a multitude of lengths and ratios.


The first task would be to locate your waist.Please keep in mind your waist is not necessarily the smallest point of your torso (in fact it seldom is) your waist should be located directly above the hip bone. Typically is 2″ above the iliac crest or 4″ above the upper hip area. And is usually only 1.5-2″ wide so very easy to miss. Be sure you’re not measuring at your floating ribs.

Underbust Length

The second task would be to measure the length of your underbust. (the length from waist to bra line). This would simply measure how long your upper torso is. This would be very important to confirm, in order to guarantee comfort and coverage. If a corset is much too long for the underbust, you will have difficulty sitting, or that your bust may be pushed upward and in the way. If the underbust is far too short, the corset will still fit you. However, you may not achieve the level of coverage you want. In the event you purchase a corset and it is too short in the underbust, you alternatively can utilize a compression tank or shapewear to smooth the lines at the top of the corset. Once you have this measurement for underbust length, use as a tool to narrow down your corset options.

Torso Length vs. Princess Seam

Please measure the length front and center of your torso. From slightly above the bra line to the pelvis. This would be your torso length. Then Measure from bra line to lap. This measurement would be your princess seam. Please make sure your princess seam is not shorter than the corsets princess seam (or side measurement according to our descriptions). Confirming this fit will gurantee you can sit comfortably in your corset. Please note the full torso length measurement will be longer than your princess seam.

Size Yourself to fit the corset, not the other way around

If you have your eyes set on a specific corset, your focus would then change to fitting yourself to that corset. This means that you will measure yourself at the same proportional locations that this corset was measured at. Everyones body is different and it is impossible for an off the rack corset to fit everyone the same. One point that is often overlooked, is that a corset is centered on your body at the waist. Our corsets are measured in proximity to the waist. In the image at the top of the screen, you will notice the vertical distances between circumferential measurements. Please use as a guide. For example if a corset size guide recommends to measure the underbust at 4″ above (underbust) the waist, 4″ below the waist (upper hip), and 6″ below the waist (low hip) please follow these instructions.

1) find your waist
2) find the point located at 4″ above the waist.
3) measure yourself around at that location. And record this measurement.
4) find the point located at 4″ below the waist. (Make sure this location matches the location of the upper hips)
5) measure yourself around at that location. And record this measurement
6)if you wish to also look at longline designs, do the same one more time but at 6″ below the waist. And record this measurement

SizeUnderbustWaistUpper hipLow hip
Measured at 4.5" above the waistMeasured where you bendMeasured at 4" below the waistMeasured at 6" below the waist