Wear & Care

Wear & Care

Before you receive and begin wearing your new corset there is some recommended advice we would like to offer to prolong the life of your investment.

   Wear a liner:

It is important to wear a layer underneath your corset, especially if being worn for extended periods of time. This is to create a barrier between your body and the corset, preventing natural oils and sweat from breaking down the corsets fibers and to keep it clean for longer. We do not recommend washing your corset, because this causes faster wear of the fabric, can dent and wrap the bones, and lead to issues with fitting properly. If you must have you corset cleaned, take to the dry cleaner. If you do sweat with your corset on or it gets dirty feel free to gently wipe the liner with a damp cloth.

   Let it breath:

When not wearing your corset be sure to allow the corset time to rest. Once you remove your corset for the day, Drape over a chair or hanger so that the fibers can air out and stay properly shaped. Do not bunch or roll your corset as it is still setting.


your corset will arrive pre-laced and ready to go. When putting on I find it is easiest to start with the middle busk then connect the rest. Make sure the corset is fully let out before putting on. It will be much easier to attach the busk and put less stress on the busk. (Yes busks can and do break on occasion, so be gentle). Once you have your busk attached you may start tightening the laces, starting at the outside then working your way to the center of the back. Once tightened, knot and tuck the laces in. DO NOT tie around your waist. This may cause friction and wear the outer fabric sooner. When it is time to remove your corset, please let out as much as you can before disconnecting the busk.

     Seasoning :

When you first receive your corset you will go through a period known as “seasoning” or breaking in. This is where the corset begins taking your form, slowly forming closer to the body.  We advise taking your time slowly tightening your corset. And only keeping at a 1-2 in reduction. Please do not tighten all the way down right away. Take this time for you and your corset to get introduced. Tightening too much can lead to much discomfort, and can even break the corset. I typically start out loose then tighten a bit a half hour later, then leave on for about an hour to two hours maximum. of course each body is different, and some may feel only comfortable wearing for a 45min to an hour the first time. Take your time and listen to your body. Let your intuition guide you.

Different cuts and styles take different lengths of time to season. The fabric and type of boning can also play a part in the length of time it takes. It can take anywhere from one week – 1 month to season a corset. If you are wearing daily and on a time crunch you can do a seasoning session for 2 hours twice in a day and see that in 10-14 days it is fitting like a glove. Feel free to slowly extend the length of time wearing your corset, as you begin to feel comfortable. And most importantly have fun with it! We hope you fully enjoy your investment.


Feel free to leave any comments, and Reviews on our products.  We at Mystic City take pride in our happy satisfied customers, and value your feedback!